Elongated clongus

From 2speccers2tools wiki

The elongated clongus is a clongus which is very long. No longer shooting fauna from the sky with clay bullets, they have adapted to a scavenging lifestyle, slithering across the ground looking for dead fauna. When one finds a meal, it punctures the cadaver with a novel, bony, tooth-like projection on the snout, secretes digestive enzymes, and slurps up the digested material. The digestive patch still aids in feeding, now fitted with small keratinous projections that give it the texture and friction of coarse sandpaper. This adaptation serves to scrape off material from the corpse so that the digestive patch can more easily digest and absorb it.

Elongated clonguses still hunt live prey, although the only things they actively hunt are terrestrial creatures small enough to be slurped up with the snout. An elongated clongus hunts by using its snout to bury its prey into the ground, regurgitating water, and then sucking the prey up along with the dirt and water. Elongated clonguses hunt this way due to their lack of a jaw or tongue, relying entirely on suction and gravity to swallow prey, somewhat like a terran mudskipper.

The elongated clongus has evolved a novel tympanic membrane to hear with. They also actually retain the ability to make and fire mud bullets, although these are weaker than their ancestors’ and only serve to deter competition and predators.