Within the deserts of Dingus, the relative lack of competition allowed a Mushrooms Which Must Logically Exist to Maintain a Biosphere species to move back into getting energy from sunlight, giving rise to the Dusty Plortwort. The Dusty Plortwort has regained plastids within their tissues through a case of atavism and has turned several of their stalks back into branches dedicated to gathering sunlight. The Dusty Plortwort still retains thickened keratin cuticles that retain water and their roots that break down decomposing organic matter(although these roots have become larger and more extensive as an adaptation to desert life since water is usually deeper down in the soil).

Much like other species of poralps on Dingus, the Dusty Plortwort has high amounts of lead in their tissues, which helps give them a greater tolerance to background radiation. Similarly to the other poralps on Dingus, the Dusty Plortwort has spore producing stalks, which have caps that eventually burst when the individual gets enough nutrients. The released spores are then carried by the wind for large distances before being deposited somewhere else in the desert.