The duplo pig is a result of a herbivore slantpig that mated with a horrendous cartilage pig. The result is an unslanted pig that can live on land and also has a bunch of random unrelated developments. Their assbrians have split into 4 brians and this makes the duplo pig 4 times as smart. They have dicidead to use thier brians to become social and use the holes on their underside to be used to link up with their assbrains effectively becoming lego cells again. Their legs are on the sides of their body so it wornt interfere with linking. If 2 pigs find themselves linking side by side they will team up and fuze their extremeties together, if they are at the bottom of the colony they will move their legs to the bottom of their body and fuse the rest of their extremities. They create massive cuboid colonies and terrorise the surrounding life by the bottom pigs using their legs to move the entire colony. Anything that encounders the front of the colony faces a wall of jaws and is instantly shread to peaces. They share the food with the rest of the colony with connective tissue from the result of the fuzed extremities of side by side pigs. When a Duplo pig doesn't have a colony/its not big enough to join one. it will live its life like an oversized herbivore slantpig.