Domed Radiostinger

After some time, some Stinging Radiocritter specialized more in filter feeding, losing their ability to gain energy from radiation, and becoming somewhat less active, and more dome-shaped, resulting in the Domed Radiostinger. They are dome-shaped, as stated before, which helps them swim in basically any direction, as opposed to only forwards. Their leaves, despite them being less active, are used for propulsion in a manner similar to a jellyfish, and will close up to digest prey. They are unable to produce radiation, instead only absorbsorbing and eliminating it with their lead-rich bodies. Due to their elevated reliance on organic matter, they sometimes venture into deeper waters than their ancestor, and sometimes swarm the surface if low on energy and nutrients to photosynthesize. As a result of being unable to produce radiation, they have much more potent quantities of spite stored in their nematocysts.