Seeing some Blobmoss fall under the ice, a few Sneaky Dooms took this as an opportunity for more food, following them in and becoming predatory towards them, the two species evolving alongside one another, eventually resulting in the Diverdoom. They have evolved sort of mandible on their face used to latch onto food before eating it, which due to the size of their only prey, Aquablobs, has resulted in them being surprisingly large for their environment. Due to this, on the surface, they look like a giant placozoan slowly crawling around, even their sail being compressed, and their eyes still being present. They can sense vibrations from the water, and use this to locate prey, which if they detect something, they may begin melting and cracking the ice in that area, until they can stick their head in to grab an Aquablob. They also occasionally dive into the water to hunt down Aquablobs in a group, or just go after dead stuff in the water. Their body has become much more streamlined in this form, allowing them to swim very efficiently. Due to these adaptations, they are much less a colony and more so a single multicellular organism, its cells being permanently specialized in some areas. They can still emit radiation, though only do it if they sense something actively harming them. They have a single claw on each fin, which are used to climb back onto land.