Dingusian Jello-Fish

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When some Jumping jello-fish entered the water ways of Dingus, they found an environment where competition was microscopic and predators were uncommon while there was an abundance of food. Because of this, it did not take them long to settle the rivers and become a new taxon. The Dingusian Jello-Fish has further specialized to the lifestyle of an active planktonivore by developing a simple digestive system, with a mouth under their nose where small prey such as Nuclear Detergent Poopycells or Hook Cheeses are ingested and taken to their blind gut. Once they get all the nutrients they can from the microbes, the Dingusian Jello-Fish will vomit up the waste products in a sort of pellet. While they still get a good amount of their energy from radiation, the Dingusian Jello-Fish now consumes microbial organisms more frequently. Just like their ancestor, the Dingusian Jello-Fish has a circulatory system of hemooranganin to help support their multicellular bodies with the circulatory system having also expanded to surround the digestive system. While the Dingusian Jello-Fish can still 'zap' microbial prey with their radiation, they more often use it to deter the few local predators such as certain species of Dual-Eyed Wigglers. If that does not work, however, the Dingusian Jello-Fish can still leap out of the water and use their fins to glide a short distance.

When it comes to breeding, the Dingusian Jello-Fish has made a minor change from their ancestor's breeding method, instead of just dropping random groups of cells, the Dingusian Jello-Fish releases a large burst of specialized cells that act like gametes. When released, these "gametes" will float around within the water column until they encounter those of another individual, where they then fuse together and then split into two developing Jello-Fish.