Dingus Lithosemoeba

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A group of Inland Lithosemoeba have further adapted to the environment of Dingus, they have grown in size due to all the available food, and have become even better at keeping in water, eventually resulting in the Dingus Lithosemoeba. They are redder in coloration to both blend into their environment and warn potential predators of their high levels of spite, which can act as a sort of toxin. As stated before, they are more capable of not drying out, and even have an indent on the topside of their colony to collect rainwater. Though, this indent may occasionally collect other things, such as their pellets, which oddly enough, are much shinier than their ancestor's. They are fully capable of living in deserts due to their adaptations, and colonies within the Dingus Desert are much less active than colony elsewhere, amd their diet consists of more minerals as well.