Dimorphic Canary Plant

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With the rise of the Nomherb, the Piss plants of Dingus began to experience competition for space, so they began to specialize into being flora. The females came together for better support, with four individuals fusing together to become one organism and the skeletal structure of each one coming together for even more support. Their root systems have become larger and more extensive, while they lost the ability to uproot themselves and instead focus entirely on photosynthesis. The male Dimorphic Canary Plants, however, have not taken this route. Instead the males closer resemble their ancestor, being able to fly and snatch up organisms floating in the air. While males can still use photosynthesis to gain energy, they primarily get it through eating other organisms instead. Males also retain the skeleton of their ancestors, which gives them some support and allows larger muscles to help with flight. The mouths of the females have become specialized for reproductions, developing oviducts that males will land on and fertilize. After a period of time, the females vomit up the fertilized spores that then get carried by the wind until they land somewhere else. With the rise of radioactive fauna in the region, such as the eye hound, the Dimorphic Canary Plants have developed a tolerance for radiation.