Desert Piss Traveler

As the Piss plants in dingus began to face more and more competition from nomflora and canartrees, they would get pushed into more and more extreme habitats. One such population ended up entering the Dingus Desert, where they had to make several adaptations to survive which lead to them evolving into the Desert Piss Traveler. The Desert Piss Traveler still has a primitive calcified skeleton, which help support it and provide support for large muscles. The root systems of the Desert Piss Traveler have become larger and more extensive to get as much nutrients and water they can from the desert. When they are unable to access anymore water, however, they can still uproot themselves and fly in the air. This species has developed two eyes for navigation when flying, one on the top and one on the bottom. The Desert Piss Traveler will fly on the wing until they find another source of water, where they will then land and plant themselves in the sediment once more. When on the wing, Desert Piss Travelers will occasionally snap up any small game they come across but will entirely rely on photosynthesis when planted in the sand. Unlike their ancestors, the Desert Piss Traveler will have smaller versions of themselves bud on the surface of their skin before falling away and flying off to live their own lives.