Deep Lithosemoeba: Revision history

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26 April 2023

  • curprev 16:5116:51, 26 April 2023OviraptorFan talk contribs 954 bytes +954 Created page with "{{Species |Title = Deep Lithosemoeba |Type = Microbe |Status = Extant |Creator = Oceansky |Artist = Oceansky |ID = 290 |Habitat = The Fucking Trench, The Fucking Deep Trench |Size = 1 millimeter cells, up to 6 centimeter clusters |Diet = consumer (various organisms smaller than their colony, marine snow), scavenger, detritivore, lithovore (metals) |Reproduction = mitosis, spore-like gametes (many genders), fragmentation |Ancestor = Lithosemoeba |Descendants = |image..."