Death chest liserd

This species of confusion has gotten much larger as a result of its very good adaptations. First of all it now has a true jaw bone made of chitin, and it also has 3 neck vertebrae which unlike all of their other bones are made of calcium carbonate. Their central eye is used like a periscope and can look far away due to its stalk. They now have an extra leg bone (the foot) for traction, and have fully internalized their lungs. Also it can see infrared so its eyes are red now.

Their entire body only radiates a little bit of radiation, as all of their radiation is stored in a radiation storage organ (which is high in lead). This organ has valves which can open at will, allowing this organism to expel massive amounts of radiation whenever it wants. The exit area for this radiation is the spot on its chest, another new organ which is called the “death lens” and is derived from the highly radioactive neck patch of its ancestor. The death lens consists of a concave chamber and a transparent lens. Radiation flows through radiation tubes from the radiation storage organ into the death lens, where the lens then concentrates the radiation so that all of the deadly gamma rays fall onto the exact same spot on the ground. This all means that it literally has a deadly radioactive laser on its chest which it can activate at will, making it one of the best hunters on 2s2t. Despite this, it now eats plants sometimes to supplement its diet and build up lead for the radiation storage organ.