Darting Jello-Fish

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With the evolution of the Oh No Bruhs, some populations of Dingusian Jello-Fish would adapt by becoming faster and more maneuverable. To do this, they developed several adaptations to improve their swimming abilities, which led to them becoming the Darting Jello-Fish. One major change was development of a dorsal fin, which helps the Darting Jello-Fish make sharper turns when swimming. Meanwhile, the tail fin has undergone some changes as well, with the central structure having become more reduce so they can form a more distinct fin shape to apply a more directed force. This allows the Darting Jello-Fish to employ larger bursts of speed, allowing them to escape predators trying to grab them. With this new found speed, the Darting Jello-Fish spend much of their time feeding on the mats of Deltomlights that cover the riverbed or snapping up small microbes such as the various species of the Hook Cheese genus group. Much like their ancestors, the food they ingest enter their blind gut to then by digested with any waste being regurgitated afterwards. While they still get a small amount of their energy from radiation, the Darting Jello-Fish now primarily consumes other organisms to support their more active lifestyle. Just like their ancestor, the Darting Jello-Fish has a circulatory system of hemooranganin to help support their multicellular bodies with the circulatory system still surrounding the digestive system. The Darting Jello-Fish can still 'zap' things with their radiation, using it to both hunt microbial prey and/or deter the local predators. While they no long jump out of the water, their quick speed allows the Darting Jello-Fish to avoid danger instead.

When it comes to breeding, the Darting Jello-Fish has not changed much from their ancestor, as they release "gametes" into the water. When they encounter those of another individual, the two "gametes" then fuse together and then split into two developing Jello-Fish.