Cutter Schattolauren

One group of Swarming Void Schattolauren found out they could eat the leaves of Void Schattolaurens, so began specializing to this, resulting in the Cutter Schattolauren. They are smaller than their ancestor, and tend to hang around Void Schattolaurens, only moving to a new one if chased off by a predator. They use the sharp edges of their fins to cut apart the small leaves coating the bodies of Void Schattolaurens in order to feed on them. Oddly enough, Void Schattolaurens with Cutter Schattolauren around have longer leaves due to them being cut apart and regrowing. This means these Void Schattolaurens have more area, and thus more protection for smaller organisms, allowing for more diversity on each one affected by Cutter Schattolaurens. Cutter Schattolaurens are less social than their ancestor, rarely even communicating with others of their own kind unless there happens to be another one at the same Void Schattolauren as them. Despite feeding on mainly the leaves, they will occasionally try grabbing one of the orange globs they produce as a treat, and even try chasing down nearby Schattolaurens and Leafy Schattolaurens, usually with less success than their ancestor. Their wider fins allow for greater speeds than their ancestor, and sometimes use their lights to try avoid getting eaten by them as well.