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Overtime, some populations of Crystalspine Bush would begin to grow bigger and bigger to gain better access to light as Piss Trees began to become more abundant. To better support themselves as such a size, these populations developed a few minor adaptations that would lead to the evolution of the Crystalspruce. The Crystalspruce still has sharp thorns to deter creatures trying to feed on them, though they are now far more numerous and organized, forming a shape that vaguely resembles a terran evergreen tree like a fir or spruce. Each frond is still basically a clone of the main stem, with each having their own leaves for photosynthesis. The striped 'mycelium' of their ancestors is still present to obtain nutrients, which results in the soil around them being yellow and orange in color. The difference there is that the 'mycelium' has become more extensive to support the Crystalspruce's larger size. Since they release large amounts of spores from each leaf in a sort of mist, and many individuals release their spores at around the same time, inland areas of Cube can develop a thick fog of piss spores when Crystalspruce breed.