Crystal Piss Tree

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With the success of the Greater Crystal Piss Flower, some wild individuals began growing even taller and changing up their reproduction method, as well as opting for their new, stronger roots, resulting in the evolution of the Crystal Piss Tree. With their larger size, they were forced to use their roots for stability and gathering nutrients, as their mycelium has become basically vestigial and doesn't go very far, at most extending a few inches from their base. They have also developed tough bark on their main stem, giving them a trunk good for both defense and stability, though now have multiple groups of four leaves going up the stem until the 'head'. This 'head' has lost their need for petals due to their new reproduction strategy, though instead of losing them entirely, has expanded its eight largest petals and began using them for photosynthesis again, becoming a dark brown. This 'head' still houses a singular, bulbous leaf used for accumulating and/or releasing spores, though, which expand with time, eventually causing their 'head' to lean over in a fashion similar to their ancestor, the head itself being rather bendy despite its girth. Once this leaf has become large enough, it will fall off and the 'head' will go into its usual position, this large, fruit-like leaf being very fleshy and full of spores, attracting many animals, even carnivores, to eat them. These are also very light, and like coconuts, can float on water, leading some populations to exist on the beaches of other continents such as Kamm and Oofle, though their intolerance to high levels of radiation prevents them from settling on Dingus.