Crystal Piss Flower

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Due to the success of the Crystal Piss Bush, a group of them decided to grow in size, and due to this, their middle stem took over and the other four shrank, eventually resulting in the Crystal Piss Flower. As their central stalk too over, the others became more like actual leaves around the main stalk, and are in more of a U-shape. At the end of their central stalk is nine leaves, the eight on the sides being red and unable to photosynthesis, as they more so serve to attract hosts, and the ninth in the center is the normal color, and is more chunky at the base as it produces spores. This leaf is constantly covered in spores, and is oddly tasty, encouraging things to eat this one leaf. Their spores are resistant to digestive acids so they'll come out in one piece much of the time and begin growing where they came out. The spores on the outside are also covered in many tiny hooks, making them able to spread even if something brushes up against this leaf, and these hooks are more digestible than the rest of the spore. Despite this, they can still reproduce much like their ancestor, and this leaf will regrow over time after being eaten.