Crimsonjewel Lithosemoeba

With the ever-growing diversity of Dingus, the native Lithosemoebas had to speciate more at some point, and so they did, resulting in the Crimsonjewel Lithosemoeba. They get their name from their very vibrant, red body, and how their pellets almost look like gold nuggets, and at times, gemstones and other precious metals. They do not inhabit the Dingus Tundra, as it is too hostile of an environment for them to live in, not being able to control their internal temperature very well, and how food isn't as common as elsewhere. Their red coloration is used to warn potential predators of their toxicity, which is mainly painful and bitter, though now attacks the tissue (or cell components) itself, in case the pain isn't enough to tell something not to eat it. Their back is much taller, having a larger pit for storing more water. They have two feeler-like structures on the front of their body, which this area is also used sort of like a head, reaching the limits before it becomes fauna. They feed more on organic matter than their ancestor, though still eat plenty of metals, resulting in their pellets either being composed of metals, organic compounds, or both.