Crimson Jewelslug

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With the advancements made by the Crimsonjewel Lithosemoeba, some seemed like they could easily be improved upon, so, a group began mutating in a way that did just that, resulting in the now faunal Crimson Jewelslug. They have managed to get back into warmer climates thanks to adaptations that allow them to live in both warm and cold areas, allowing their range to extend into areas with far more food and moisture. Due to this, they have developed the ability to sweat out excess water to cool off their bodies. At this point, individual cells cannot survive very easily outside of the body of an individual, and combined with many other traits, have made them fully faunal. They have duplicated the 'feelers' on their now somewhat real head, which are used as stubby limbs to climb steep surfaces, and eyes similar to that of flatworms have evolved on their front pair of feelers. They can seal their back if they so chose to, a layer of cells extending over it usually when they begin going up a steep surface as to not lose the water they are storing. They now have a sort of pseudodigestive system, usually consuming food through their head, and it passes through their body until it comes out their backside in the form of a pellet, in a manner similar to what a unicellular organism would do.