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The craziilegs, of course, has some legs that go utterly crazy, allowing it to scuttle along the seafloor at much higher speed than its slow ancestor, letting it catch more diverse prey, it now has a primitive mastication system allowing it to eat basically any sufficiently soft-bodied organism, it is too weak to crush supports however and any support system must be under 20cm in any dimension ‘lest its rigid theca rupture and kill it.

The craziilegs has much more well developed eyes based on a new compound called “Nomiretinate”, a purplish-blue pigment that acts much like melanin in terms of light absorption apart from making the craziilegs blue-colorblind, they do not have a specific pupil however and are mostly unfocused, the craziilegs depending mostly on its chemical senses to find prey. Due to its more unbalanced shape and higher speed the craziilegs has developed two things to help it: a small and sensitive statocyst at the top of its body to help it maintain balance, and it has developed the jet heart’s gill more thoroughly to sustain its more complex (though admittedly not larger) body compared to its ancestors.

To help it keep balance more effectively, the craziilegs has developed a small, oily sac within the dorsal area of its body, making this part more buoyant than the rest, thus, even if the craziilegs is flipped over, it is fairly easy for it to right itself.