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31 August 2023

  • curprev 17:3517:35, 31 August 2023OviraptorFan talk contribs 2,207 bytes +2,207 Created page with "{{Species |Title = Crag-Climbing Radioplate |Sciname = ''Radiocimex praecepsii'' |Type = Fauna |Status = Extant |Creator = OviraptorFan |Artist = OviraptorFan |ID = 306 |Habitat = Horrible Rectangle Island Tundra (cliffs) |Size = 50 centimeters long |Diet = nuclear fusion, pure-spitivore, decomposer, detritivore, consumer (tiny microbes such as the Nitropellets and Dire Toms, Radiomolds) |Reproduction = budding |Ancestor = Crawling Radioplate |Descen..."