Cookie Cutter Voidskink

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The 'Void Belt' is very diverse, that's for sure, though there weren't many, if any parasites at all, several generations of horribly mutated Armored Voidskinks later, they became the Cookie Cutter Voidskink. As their name suggests, they have downwards-facing jaws used for cutting off chunks off flesh from hosts like a cookie cutter shark, and even have a mobile part of their upper jaw now to help with this. Their backside is covered in spikes for protection, and their tail makes up over half of their length, making sure it is caught instead of the rest of its body, so that it has a higher chance of survival. By far their strangest aspect is how their arms were duplicated onto two other segments, which combined with their newly evolved claws, allows them to grip fairly well onto hosts. Their tail is also used for gripping somewhat. They often roam around, both on Void Schattolaurens and in the vacuum, for large fauna to latch onto and tear chunks of meat from. When they get what they want, they quickly disconnect from their host and run off to a safe place to eat. Despite their parasitic nature, they will still occasionally munch on the orange globs produced by Void Schattolaurens.