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This genus of specialized confusions are now eusocial. The image depicts 3 different workers. They hollow out anthill-like burrows to live in, and usually have 2 castes: worker and queen. The queen is like the workers but very fat and is the only one to produce young.

Most confusiants aren't very radioactive, but there are a subgenus of them with a third caste called radiators, which produces a large amount of radiation in order to feed a strain of screenslimes that they raise in their anthills, similar to the real-world ants that raise fungi.

When it is time for the colony to reproduce, a queen buds another queen instead of a sterile worker. This queen goes off to found another colony, and in the case of the screenslime-raising species, they carry a piece of screenslime in their mouth.

Due to their lack of hands or jaws, confusiants pick up objects using strong suction from their mouth.