Common Whizzweed

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The common whizzweed is a simple, diminutive species of burstgrass. No longer relying on trace amounts of spite or lead as a defense mechanism, the common whizzweed survives by its sheer numbers. Whizzweed matures very quickly and can grow back its exploding piss spore balloon in a short time. It is also able to spread via root runners, increasing its capability for rapid reproduction. It usually grows in medium to large homogenous patches, hence its name. While it does cover a notable percent of Kamm’s surface area, there are also plenty of areas where it is still not found, such as anywhere too dry or wet and also areas with any significant shade. This limits it to certain open areas of “Kamm prairie”, a sort of sub-climate of Kamm forest where trees are largely absent, such as in early-succession areas and spots too dry for dense forest cover. Unlike the "Dingus scrub", this certain sub-climate does not have a specified location, and exists as small patches amongst the more dense areas of Kamm forest (similar conditions to this do in fact exist in every "forest" and "jungle" biome). Common whizzweed can also live in cold areas and sandy beaches, although here they are often stunted in size and form smaller, sparser patches.