Come Ovah Bruh

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Some populations of Terror Bruhs began to hide among stands of flora such as Poostalks to help ambush prey and overtime developed adaptations to better hide among such cover. This would lead to the evolution of the Come Ovah Bruh, a specialized species of predatory bruh that remains in one place for very long periods of time. The Come Ovah Bruh has the cilia at their rear large and robust, acting like hooks to help them grab onto a piece of foliage. The structure not not unlike that of a prehensile tail, only on a unicellular level. The Come Ovah Bruh's nasal appendages have become truly enormous for its kind, being three times longer than the rest of the organism to improve their reach. Each of the nasal appendages possess even more spines along their facial appendages and incorporating a larger amount of lead to better help them tear apart whatever prey they can catch like small Jello-Fish or other Bruhs. The "fin-skirt" can be utilized by the Come Ovah Bruh through beating it back and forth in an undulating motion which allows them to achieve rapid acceleration while still maintaining high mobility. Like other Grabbruhs, they stick tuck in their prehensile noses to reduce drag although their sheer size means it still slows them down a bit although their less active lifestyle means this is not much of an issue. After tearing its prey apart with it many noses, the Come Ovah Bruhs will then eat the food with its teeth. The photoreceptors helps the Come Ovah Bruh observe its surrounding for potential prey or predators approaching them.