Collared Big Bird

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With the rise of ground predators such as the Four Heavenly King Devilbruh and the Benderfragen, the Big Birds evolved several adaptations to avoid being eaten, leading to them evolving into the Collared Big Bird. The digits on their single leg have evolved claws made of keratin for extra purchase on the ground to make sharper turns and to help dispatch small prey. The protoskeletons of the Collared Big Bird have also become much more developed and are fully keratinized. This allows the Collared Big Bird to grow much larger than their ancestors, meaning they can use their bulk to help fend of some smaller predators such as the Four Heavenly King Devilbruh. Since they have already lost the ability to fly, the wings of the Collared Big Bird have become extremely small since they serve no purpose. They feed on a wide variety of small game and things that do not run away very fast, usually pinning them down with their foot before tearing them apart with their robust bill into chunks small enough to swallow whole. While they get most of their energy from consuming other organisms, they still partially get their energy by photosynthesis. Their single eye had grown larger to better help them navigate on the ground. The species has also developed a brightly colored collar at the base of their neck for communication with others of their kind. The Collared Big Bird has also moved away from mitosis, instead having young bud from their tails, being then able to run off and fend for themselves.