Clustering Semoeba

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Due to an abundance of food, A lineage of Crawling Semoebas has begun forming clusters of cells, scouring the North Cold Ocean for food. At most, there are a total of 27 cells in an individual cluster, and they can do mitosis to fill in gaps overtime. The bottom layer moves the clump across the sea floor, picking up whatever they find. The middle layer tends to grab organisms that brush past, as well as aid in digestion with the middle cell. The top layer handles reproduction, each cell being able to develop A spore sack that resembles that of a slime mold's, which slowly fills up with more and more gametes as it matures, before bursting and sending them everywhere.Other than that, they are for the most part similar to their ancestor, being benthic amoeba-like organisms that crawl along the sea floor in search of food.