From 2speccers2tools wiki

The clongus is a real neat critter. Given the lack of endemic life on Kamm, something interesting was bound to evolve there. The clongus is the interesting thing mentioned in the last sentence, obviously. That’s how neat it is.

The clongus is known for its excellent marksmanship. That’s because it is able to shoot mud pellets out of its noodly snoot, which has now been ossified in order to make it a rigid tube. In order to get ammo, it first sucks up a bunch of mud, then transfers it into specialized gut diverticuli so that it can be shaped into small pellets. The water is then absorbed, making the pellets hard and dry. When the clongus finds its prey (it prefers anything that flies into its range and isn’t huge), it rears up, regurgitates one of the pellets into its mouth, sucks in a large amount of air, and then blows out the pellet at an extremely high speed, hopefully causing it to injure the prey’s wing or burst its ballooning organ (if it has any). The clongus hits nearly every time, although it’s not always guaranteed to shoot down the tougher creatures in its range. Once the prey is down, though, it’s doomed. The clongus slowly slithers up to it and constricts it, exposing it to the novel external digestive patch (appearing slightly green because of the acid) which evolved due to the fact that its mouth can no longer widen to fit larger solid items. Through a combination of external digestion and futile slurping with its seahorse-like mouth, the prey item becomes only a memory in less than an hour.

In rare instances, clonguses are sometimes born with small atavistic pinnae, helping them to hear but making them look even more ridiculous.