Clinging Poolloon

With Poolloons having to float around and hope they don't get eaten before they can reproduce, some decided to go somewhere they couldn't be eaten too easily; the fur of Flying M’ungus and Whangus, resulting in the Clinging Poolloon. They are more often found in the fur of Whangus due to their size, using some specialized leaves as hooks to remain in it. The part of their stems coming out of the fur constantly grow as they mature, at most being double the length they would be if they ended with the hook leaves. They can no longer float, their body continuously filling with spores until it explodes and either dies, or regrows from that. Their spores do float, however, and are covered in tiny hooks, allowing them to be lodged in the fur of fauna so they may grow. Their leaves are spiky to deter predators. If a Cacomold grows on them, they can steal some of their spite in exchange for some of the stuff they get from doing photosynthesis, protecting the Poolloon from predation, and giving the Cacomold more energy and nutrients.