Climbing L'mure

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With the success of the Quad-Eared Ma'am, some noticed what is in the trees, and began trying to get to it, developing the ability to climb, and eventually resulting in the Climbing L'mure. They have increased in size due to their better access to more food, and has also allowed them to feed on some more things, their new ability to climb vertical surfaced granting them access to a wide range of new food sources. Their legs, especially their toes, have become rather mobile, which allows them to grasp onto surfaces better for climbing, and the nubs on the sides of their forelegs have extended to aid in this as well. Their two tails have also become more mobile, which allows them to grip onto things using them, and they generally use them to hold objects while climbing, such as food, babies, or other random things. While they are capable of climbing, they aren't the best at it, usually being rather slow, especially when going down or sideways, and sometimes take risks, such as jumping from one tree lobe to another. All four of their ears have become more advanced, becoming more movable and increasing in size to detect predators better. They usually try not spending much time climbing, as they may attract the attention of predators. Rarely, they will try building nests in the holes created by Green Pissbugs, putting them at more risk of predation and falling to their death than others of their kind.