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Once there was a sudden upsurge in the prey populations of Armgut Grabeneresca near Beans, so their population rose as well, though some also went after the native Nanosophonts, pissing them off. The Nanosophonts caught as many Armgut Grabeneresca as they could and morphed their genetics to the point their offspring would be nearly unrecognized, and let them loose in the waterways of Beans. These offspring eventually became the Claweneresca, a bizarre unicellular organism that looks like a hand, crawling around on its five limbs at the end of its arms, which is now wrapped over the top and fused with their body. They are very large compared to the Armgut Grabeneresca, and have vastly different anatomy at a first glance, having a single mouth surrounded by four simple eyes in their 'palm' that can only sense light, and color to some extent. The mouth contains a very long tongue used to grab food. As mentioned before, their 'arm' goes over the rest of their body, resulting in their anus being in front/above their face, and is why their five limbs are in front. They possess hundreds of nuclei to retain their body at these proportions, and may exchange these to reproduce, these nuclei helping to form new individuals within their body, before being released through the mouth.

They have the ability to inflate an organelle on their underside with gas in order to float around, allowing them to get a better view of their environment, and also get away from predators. They will eat just about anything they see under their body, be it corpses, live flora/fauna, detritus, ect, they may even devour some stones and other inorganic objects at times. On the ground, much of how they get around is touch and smell, as well as sensing vibrations, their limbs containing many nerve-like organelles, as well as chemoreceptive organelles near the ends. They are quite skittish, so if they sense something that may be a threat, they may quickly scurry somewhere they feel safe, or float away if possible. They are active at day much of the time, though will still come out at night due to it being safer, which in most of this time they mainly feed on dead stuff and flora. Due to their asymmetrical bodies, their rightmost and leftmost limbs are always to their sides on land to provide the most support as possible, and the side with the 'thumb' is different for every two individuals.

They are amphibious, living both in water and on land, and due to this, retain their flagellum and use them to slowly swim through the water instead of crawling along the benthos. They rely most on vibrations and sight in the water, as these senses are most useful when swimming and stuff. They are not translucent at all, and are a sort of dark green, helping them blend into the soil to avoid predators. They are somewhat soft and squishy, and are vulnerable to rehydration, preferring to live in moist environments outside of the water, and commonly rest inside the sand at the bottom of rivers and watersheds, or just small ponds. They are surprisingly good jumpers, being able to quickly face all of their limbs down, and sensing themselves into the air, which this is most effective on land due to mobility. They are also quite effective climbers due to the anatomy of their limbs, as well as the wide tips that make up for their smoothness.