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The Chukbell has a larger and somewhat more complex colony structure than its ancestor. The cells of the bell are more tightly connected forming a solid membrane and improving their ability to swim. The surface of the bell is dotted with short filaments comprised of chains of cells. Each chain is only a single cell wide, cells in the chain are attached to each other with one of their “arms” while the other arm is used to capture food particles from the water. The connection arms enable them to share energy and nutrients with neighboring cells and are capable of contracting. The arms of bell cells are only used to connect to other bell cells. The basal most cell uses its connector arm to hold on to the bell.

The colony generates spores from the surface of the bell. Should a spore be captured by the feeding arm of a filliment cell the two cells will undergo conjugation after which the spore will be released. Should a filament become detached from the bell it will grow into a new chukbell.