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Liking the results of the Cacodoomer as a pet, some Mungi sought to make more pets, so they decided to capture a Mu’ngus Crab, and combine its genetics with a Flying M'ungus and Poolloon to create a hybrid to also function as a pet. This resulted in the Chu’moongus, a tiny, fuzzy Mu’ngus Crab with seven eyes, ears, four radula, and a gas/spore sack, all meant to make it a good pet. They inherit their soft, warm fur, as well as the ears, from their Flying M'ungus genes, which are meant to make them look cuter, friendlier, and pettable. The large, brown sack on their back is inherited from Poolloons, and functions to help them move through the air, filling up with gas and adjusting the amount to move up and down, and reproduce, though it has to be manually popped to spread its spores, as it will not do so naturally, and it does regenerate after some time. Oddly, they inherit the two tails of the Flying M'ungus, which are rather short, and sit beside their main, stubby tail. Their mandibles, first pair of limbs, and arms, are all used to pick up and manipulate objects, though only the four radula arranged in its mouth in a + fashion are used for eating, which makes up for their lack of jaws. Their legs are more splayed and segmented due to their size, and are quite fast on land, even being able to climb steep surfaces. Their ears give them very good hearing, being able to hear dangers from miles away, and notify their owner. Due to this, they also enjoy music, funnily enough.

They have seven eyes, five around their mouth, and two above that, each helping them see their environment quite well, as they can see light & dark, and color. They are quite social usually, and enjoy rubbing up against loved ones, though are always standing up like a horse, having trouble getting up if pushed on its side. Speaking of which, if they are pushed over, their sack has a chance of bursting due to the pressure put on it by the force of it colliding with the ground, and the weight of the rest of ite body. It is advised that they are fed both Poolloons and Kakokibble, and it is ok that they are fed other things, as they are omnivorous, and are capable of processing dead matter. Outdoors, they will often stand on top of other things, such as Whangus, Poolloons, and homes built by the Big M'ungus. They may even try grazing on Poolloon leaves, or just Clinging Poolloons in general, and eat just about any scraps they come across. They are good for getting Cacodoomers ready to defend their owner due to their good hearing, which can hear other Dooms in the distance, and prefer to notify their owner and others in the area if they do hear one, before going to take cover. If abused, they may become aggressive and start ramming and pinching stuff, if not run away from home entirely to live on their own. In the wild, they often form small packs, which may pop other's sacks to reproduce. Chu’moongus enjoy the company of others of their own kind, as well as Cacodoomers, snuggling up and playing with them much of the time. To express emotions, they use their body language, specifically ears, tails, limbs, and stance/movement.