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The chikin. has shrunken to become a moderately sized granivore and insectivore. Its mouth has become pointy and beaklike to peck its prey. Its teeth have become vestigial and now look very british. It also has long tail denticles for sexy, and its eyes are large like compound eyes to watch for predators like skroungesaurus rex. Its egg denticles have now become flat and platelike, like the scutes of a turtle, making its eggs effectively have a shell.

Apart from these relatively minor changes, it now has one major and more notable change: instead of its babies being smaller versions of the adult, they now resemble its distant ancestor, the flapperworms, except with tiny jaws and teeth and legs. They float in the sky and eat goldworms and "canaries" for a few months. Once they are shaped roughly like the adult, their other limbs shrink and fall off, and they fart out their helium pneumoskeleton, causing them to rapidly fall to the ground. They usually do this close to the ground so that they dont fall 500 feet and splatter like a water balloon.