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After a population of Chi’mpus made their way to dingus they realised that they never had to eat again thanks to the yes sapian synthesising their spite. Eventually they did less and less thing and felt more and more spite to the point where they got more intelligent purly so they could feel more spite. They eventually became the chi’plant, also known as the spite flora. Most of their body is locatead underground including thier hyperatrofied brian witch had burstead from the skull, the only thing out of the ground is their mouth, now only used for breathing. They are the most intelligent things in the entireraty of the 2speccers2tools univers but use that intelligence for something actually useful, that is feeling spiteful. This is in fact the only thing that they can do with their humongous brain,it is backed with yes-sapien that use the infinite spite for spitosyntheses. The rest of the ancestral Chi’mpus body is completely vestegial and only really contains spare yesapiants. The way they breed is by having all sessile members be female and all males be motile, the female birth to a male of themselves that has all of the spite flora genes deactivatead and looks a lot more similar to its ancestor. The only purpose for this male is to have sex with other female spiteflora. One the male finds one he digs his way into the dirt to find the females sex parts to mate with, after this he dies of a fatal heart attakk. They were able to spread to all of dingus because of the benefits of synthesizing spite. also the males are just as intelligent as their ancestar so they know of thier horrible fate as a sex slave.