Charls the Ravenous

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Life in the subsurface ocean of the Ice Planet has been mostly samey for many millions of years, until one day, a massive, black organism fell through the ice, dying not long after, causing it to be swarmed by Charls the Great, which quickly speciated into a form capable of surviving much greater depths to continue devouring it and what it brought with it. Charls the Ravenous mainly devoured the corpses introduced to the subsurface this day, until there was nothing left, and they returned to the sunlight zone, only to find that there had been survivors, which just like them, had speciated. They have adapted to feeding exclusively on these two species for the most part, and remain dormant most of their life, until the sense dead meat and spring into action, swarming food and beginning to tear it apart with their arms. They are green, as to advertise their newly developed toxins, similar to a dinoflagellate, causing corpses to be swarmed by a toxic, dark green mist. They have also developed an extra arm, allowing for eating more effectively. If they are faced with tough exoskeleton, they will move over until they find soft tissue they can easily rip apart.