Charls the Great

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With the chaos ensuing on the surface of the Central Notasbad Ice Sheet, Charles fell into the subsurface ocean at never before seen rates, and were forced to adapt to this new environment, resulting in Charls the Great. Their colonies now consist of 20 individual cells, each with two arms, the main ten forming a ring, as the main body, while the other ten are connected to individuals of the other ten, and serve to both move the rest of the colony and grab food. They swim around in a manner similar to a jellyfish using ten of the cells in their colony. If they get too cold, they may quickly swim upwards, before all huddling together and vibrating to produce heat. They tend to feed on dead matter, so their hands contain chemoreceptors used to locate food. If they 'smell' food with their hands, they will swim towards it and grab onto them, before beginning to feed. If it is a large organism, they will tear it apart and eat it that way. They are also now immune to spite, and also radiation to some extent due to some lead now existing in their cells. One species they commonly end up feeding on are Aquablobs.