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Some Chaos Lithosemoeba ended up doing the exact opposite of what they had done before, becoming more active and feeding more on organic matter than rocks and light, eventually resulting in the Chaoslug. They are rather common amongst Cube, and are well-camouglaged thanks to their coloration, which if this fails, their various leaves can inject spite into whatever they pierce. Many of these leaves have eyespots at the tip, which allows them to see basic light to help detect food. They have become truly multicellular, since cells are now specialized in some ways, and cannot survive on their own too well, and they even have a primitive mouth and gut, which also serves as an anus to release waste. They move around on their underside, which has many specialized cells that move in a way similar to the tube feet of an echinoderm, except not powered by water, and instead cells stretching and contracting. They can move in any direction, though prefer to move either forwards or backwards, their mouth being in the center of their body, and their feet all possess chemoreceptors to help taste food. They have four whiskers that are used for smelling for dead matter. They will occasionally consume pebbles, both to supplement their diet, and crush up food they consumed.