Chaos Lithosemoeba

Some Inland Lithosemoeba began specializing to the environments of Cube, and along the way, absorbed the chloroplasts of a Piss Plant into their cells, resulting in the evolution of the Chaos Lithosemoeba. Due to their chloroplasts, they are capable of doing photosynthesis, which multiple cells often come together to form structures on the topside of the colony that resemble leaves or spikes. This allows them to both gather more light for photosynthesis, and also doubles as a defense mechanism, making them painful to step on, and this may also release a bit of spite into whatever stepped on them. They are much less active than their ancestor, relying more on photosynthesis, and thus no longer feed on live organisms, instead feeding on only dead matter and minerals. They get their name from their oddly-shaped pellets, which are shaped like chaos emeralds, are often various colors, and are shiny, making Knuckle love them. They are also liked by Sonic and other species for the sheer curiosity they have about them, and sophonts like Big m'ungus and Chi’mpus like turning them into jewelry and stuff.