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As a result of competition with “”BUG”” in the oofle habitats a member of Insects which must logically exist to maintain a biosphere sp. had to beef up to protect thimselfs from the constant beatings with bone clubs. And since they have so much sex all the time these 2 triats stacked up to create a megachad organism witch came with a bunch of bonus benifets aswell. They have bright colours and a large display structure on their head to look extra sexy and have massive gonads that can take the streesses of chadbug daily sex life. They have createad a head segment from their jaw and instead they possess jaw muscles in the head segment so powerful that it simply bends their entire head segment, They also have developed their hardened mustache into teeth. When encountering a “”BUG”” it will disarm it by eating its weapon and beat it in unarmed comat since it has 2 times more arms than its atakker and each one can lift like hundread hundread hundred times the entire chadbug’s bodyweght. They love weed and are immune to it and incorperate the toxinsinto their fists to inflict poisin damage.