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On the few islands of rock that poke out above the great sheets of ice, some populations of Charles became more lightly knit and colonial, giving rise to large groups of cells known as the Carlmound. The two 'bait arms' of their ancestor have become more variable in numbers, with some individual cells having two of these hands while some can have as many as six though three-four are the general average. Their mitten like hands still help provide resistance to the cold, but their main survival trait is still being their ability to "shiver". This is when all members contract and expand their connections in rapid succession to generate heat, allowing them to make a living. The actual cells now contain organelles with the pigment known as cryophytonin, allowing the colonies to get their energy from the rays of sunlight that manage to reach the planet they call home. While a good amount of their energy come from said source, the species will still consume any microorganisms that brush up against them, as well taking in any detritus in the area. While the individual cells still breed through mitosis, the colonies as a whole reproduce by a chunk of them breaking their connections and forming their own unique colonial body nearby.