Cardboar Hogx

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With the evolution of both competition and predators, one population of Limuswine responded to the pressures by becoming enormous. Among some other minor changes, this would lead to them giving rise to the Cardboar Hogx. In many ways the species has not really changed at all, with the large chitin plate on their back mostly protecting youngsters from the local predatory Bruhs like the Bruhemoth. The species still also has cilia mustache and larger serrations on their upper lip to help sweep in detritus and flora into their mouths. One difference to their ancestors, however, is the development of large projections on the lower jaw which helps rip flora from the sediment so they can be more easily consumed. The valve that separates their mouth from the stomach is still able to move forward, thus allowing them to "vomit" up food that they cannot feed upon such as Water Spite Flora. The "cheek" on each side of their face still helps keep food from falling out of their mouth and their pair of anuses helps them excrete waste. The large quatities of waste they produce from all the flora and detritus they consume attracts species of Jello-Fish that may feed upon whatever is in their excrement. The Cardboar Hogx still uses their two simple eyes to navigate river systems and detect potential sources of food. Their natural radiation resistance means they do quite well in the river systems of Dingus, though they are obligate herbivores and detritivores instead of being generalists like their ancestor. In a similar fashion to their ancestors, the Cardboar Hogx squirts gametes out of the 4 upper corners of their body when they encounter another individual. The gametes of the two Cardboar Hogx mix together and will eventually give rise to the next generation, who will have to survive the several local predators such as macroscopic Bruhs though their larger size at the time their conceived does help give them a minor defense.