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Like its cousin the spitebush, this descendant of the spiteweed is endemic to Kamm. In order to better support itself on land and defend itself from getting trampled, it has evolved to build a segmented internal structure consisting of calcium carbonate lobes. These lobes are not pure mineral, though, and contain living cells which can regrow the living part of the leaf if it happens to get shorn off by parasites or predators, although this is a rare occurrence due to the fact that it still stores a relatively large amount of spite in its tissues (though noticeably less than its ancestor in order to dissuade the aforementioned parasites, which tend to be bruh microbes). These lobes also aid in reproduction, as just one can grow into an entirely new calcispyte if it is smooshed into soil that is moist enough. Calcispytes store any excess spite and nutrients within a novel carrot-like taproot, which does not contain any skeletal structure itself (although the segment it’s attached to still does right above where the roots start). Other than these notable changes, the calcispyte is fairly similar to the larger spiteweed species that it originates from.