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Pressure from the spitegut snamfgus has led this species of spiteflora to develop fruit-like structures. These structures consist mostly of flesh, with only a small, thick-walled skeletal element inside of each, acting as a seed. These structures don’t grow very often until the calcifruit is about 20 cm tall, since they are a terminal segment that can’t branch any new segments off of it. The calcifruit does not store very much spite compared to its ancestors, just enough for spiteguts to easily smell amongst the surrounding flora (which is still an amount that can nauseate and anger small herbivores, just not kill them). This is so it can use more of the spite it collects as energy, helping it to regenerate its “fruit” easier. Calcifruits prefer the shade, often being found on the forest floor, and seldom sprouting amongst the underdeveloped patches of common whizzweed. Other than these changes, the calcifruit is fairly similar to its ancestor.