Cactus Screenmold

The cactus screenmold is a new type of Screenslime that mainly lives as an epiphyte on various dead or alive plants, looking somewhat like slimy moss. They thrive on the radiation produced by dingusian fauna, and like their relatives, help return the background radiation levels to normal. They have developed spikes made of a new material called superagar, which is similar to agar but much harder, analagous to keratin or chitin in strength and function.

While they are common on living trees, they can thrive even better on dead ones. Despite their spines they provide a food source to turdles, helping to restore the turdle's original population due to a better and more sustainable incentive for cutting down trees with their radiation beams. This new food source may influence the future evolution of the basal Turdle. Cactus molds are not farmed by Confusiants, although they can still eat them sometimes.