Some Cacoalgae began settling on surfaces (such as Poolloons), and began duplicating organelles in their bodies, but not splitting apart, eventually resulting in the Cacomold. As their name suggests, they are like a terran slime mold, containing many nuclei, not to mention the various other duplicated organelles, within their cytoplasm. They sort of 'grow' outwards to move to find food, as they secret a sticky substance that sticks them to surfaces, though this can be recycled for more growth if there isn't anything good in that direction. As they most commonly stick to Poolloons after being born from drifting gametes, they are quite the pest for M'unguses due to the spite they produce, effectively being toxic to them. After being born, they are able to do mitosis for about a day, until they become unable to do so and organelles begin building up in their bodies, signifying growth.