Bushy Radioshrub

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Over time, a population of Stalked Radioshrub developed an extra row of leaves, which gave them a larger surface area without merely scaling up the individual leaves. Because of this, they were able to make the individual leaves smaller and thinner to better retain heat from the cold. Alongside a taller stem for extra height so they can avoid competition with things like the Radiograss, the leaves would allow these populations to become a new species known as the Bushy Radioshrub. Much like the Radiotree, though to a lesser extent, the root system of the Bushy Radioshrub has become larger for extra support. In a similar fashion to its ancestor and close relative, the Bushy Radioshrub has a trunk made of plumbochitin to help protect them from creatures trying to eat them. Much like their ancestors, the Bushy Radioshrub gets their energy from sunlight, radiation, and taking in ambient amounts of spite from the air. The species also still retains the cell wall-like structures and the lead around their cell's nuclei to protect them from their own radiation. Much like its ancestor, the Bushy Radioshrub produces proper spores, which get carried by the wind a certain distance before landing somewhere else and becoming a new Bushy Radioshrub. While they thrive in the Horrible Rectangle Island Montane, their adaptations for retaining heat while not sacrificing total surface area for photosynthesis means they also do fine in the Horrible Rectangle Island Tundra as well.