Burrowing Voidskink

As time went on, the many Void Schattolaurens in the Void Belt diet off due to old age, eventually leaving them as dull, torn up spheres barely visible against the darkness of space, while live ones continue to flourish. There are few organisms that do anything with these, most of the time just providing support for roots or hives, and not really anything ate them beyond the leaves, so that's where some Armored Voidskinks discovering a new, untouched food source comes in. The Burrowing Voidskink is very fond of dead organic matter, eating just about any carrion, detritus, ect it sees, though what it finds best of all are dead Void Schattolaurens, as their sheer size can feed generations, and nothing else eats them. Their tails have shortened, though have also become capable of growing into a new individual if not eaten, allowing them to reproduce somewhat more effectively in tight spaces, as they may occasionally remove it for one reason or another. Their most bizarre feature is their sideways face, almost looking like that of a flounder, and is very useful for eating their way through massive dead clusters of cells, and can also be used to snip at threats. Their hands can also be used for sort of digging through Void Schattolaurens, as they are quite sharp, and even prehensile. Their exoskeleton is covered in sharp spines, all used for a mix of protection and easier movement within the tunnels they create, or are creating, within dead Void Schattolaurens. They have developed a sort of eyelid under their exoskeleton, allowing them to clean off their eye and focus light into it if needed.