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You can’t have an irradiated sci-fi weirdhole without giant monster bugs (not “BUGS”), can ya?

From a population of a species of IWMLEtMaB in the interior piss/pisscakery of Dingus arises The Bug-Upper, so named because it could theoretically Bug you Up. Constant exposure to radiation meant that the Bug-Upper has mutated drastically from its ancestry. For one, it has now developed an endoskeleton and pumping lungs to support its immense size. To cope with attacks from radfauna, both its skeletons are reinforced with lead, becoming a hard, yet relatively lightweight material known as “plumbochitin”. Its lid-jaw has become articulated further, with pivoting, pincer-tipped pedipalps to pick apart its meals, and a set of jointed teeth for chopping up food to send into its digestive tract; both of these can be folded into place when not in use. Keen eyes with multiple slits a pupil allow it good awareness of food and foe alike. Despite being a meter long on average, it can still dart about with its six, blade-tipped buggy legs just fine and i’m certain this is a viable mode of locomotion; these legs also have extra joints for movin' good.

While it does hunt and eat radfauna, it's very picky about it and will usually take the cuts furthest away from the death laser organ complex.

The Bug-Upper’s twin gonophores flare vividly to advertise for potential mates to do the funny secks with. A single Bug-Upper can lay up to a thousand eggs per batch, almost all of which inexplicably perish.