Bruhs That Must Logically Exist For No Reason

From 2speccers2tools wiki

Because The Bruh Within often got excreted, some of them re-adapted to life outside of the gut, with a special twist as well! Firstly, the most obvious change is the uniform shapes of BTMLEFNRs, as there was now actual selection for this again, this shape allows them to move through the soil with ease along with their more in number and more robust cilia, sort of pushing about soil particles as they search for organic debris to eat. Most species are fairly indiscriminate and will often eat nearly anything they come by even if it isn’t dead yet so long as it isn’t significantly larger than them. They have lost a lot of their pigments from their time in the gut and spending most of their life in sediments in moist damp spots hasn’t helped that, leaving most BTMLEFNRs a pale ghostly white as opposed to the vibrant, lively green of most other bruh cells. The most important feature of BTMLEFNRs is their waste products, much like a step-on trashcan the food goes into the BTMLEFNR, and then it comes out of the same end all weird and smelly, except by weird and smelly I mean it’s all alcohol, the BTMLEFNRs essentially ferment their food to gain nutrition and thus are often seen producing large amounts of alcohol when in great numbers, of course being drunk off their own waste encourages them to become more active and creates a vicious cycle that ultimately makes the bruhs leave faster because they finish their meal faster. BTMLEFNRs are global from being spread by sediment on flying organism’s appendages and also through making landfall multiple times.