Bruh u toxic

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The Bruh u toxic's diet of spite has led to the development of weaponizing it. Its large nose secretes a mixture of digestive enzymes and a large dose of spite when it stabs into a victim. If the prey does not die from the nose itself, then the dosage of spite will give them the desire to kill everything around them, including themselves. Since it is easier and quicker to kill themselves than to attack another cell, that is what they do which results in their death. The Bruh u toxic will simply then eat what is left of the victim. The dosage of spite does not work on species that already eat spite such as other Bruhs or the Poopyspite however and so those kinds of prey must be killed by other means. The large cilia still helps with sharp turns and rapid bursts of speed. Due to not being fast swimmers over long distances, the Bruh u toxic has to ambush its prey. The photoreceptors still help track down its prey.